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German Tintaya

8 rue Raoul Ponchon

35000 Rennes


Tél. 33 (0)2 56 51 86 83

Por. 33 (0)6 15 33 75 42

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photo german tintayaHe is an Andean flute master, and used to play and tour Europe with two Bolivian Andean music bands- PAJA BRAVA and RUMILLAJTA. He recorded the CD “TINKUNA” with the band BOLIVIA MANTA in Paris in September 1988. In 1990 he performed in the International Festival of panpipes with the band KOLLA AYMARA from Paris. In July 1990, he flew to Tokyo, Japan, with the band MACHAQA QHANTI to perform during the International conference on development. In November 1990, along with other Bolivian musicians, he launches the group LLAPAKU, and has recorded to this day six albums (five tapes and six CDs). In June 1996, he participates in the recording of PHILIPPE AVRIL’s album, as well as BRUNO’s (children songs) in 1998. Three times in December (1997, 1999, 2000), he flies to the USA, invited by Ecuadorian musicians. He was invited by the RUPHAY to perform in Switzerland in 2006, and to participate in the recording of their last CD in 2008, as well as their tour in Bolivia.

Istly Monterrosa

Istly Monterrosa comienza su carrera artistica musical a los 12 años, interpreta el charango y charangon, y otros instrumentos andinos de cuerda. Durante 5 años fue parte del grupo Pukawara de Paris Francia, con el cual participa a eventos festivales conciertos en Francia asi como tambien de una gira musical en Bolivia en el 2009. Y durante una corta estadia en Bolivia en 2007 y 2013 participa tambien a las giras musicales con el grupo Alaya interpretando el charango, como tambien otros instrumentos de cuerda. Desde el 2013 colabora con el grupo boliviano LLAPAKU de Rennes Francia con animaciones musicales . Y desde octubre del 2017 forma parte del grupo LLAPAKU para proseguir con los proyectos artisticos musicales del grupo interpretando el Charango y Charangon.

Nestor Tintaya

photo nestor tintayaNestor Tintaya plays all the Andean flutes and drums, and he’s the lead voice. From the age of 15, he played along with folkloric and autochthonous music bands in La Paz, Bolivia: UMA in 1980 (performing in cafés with live music and festivals), JILAÑA cultural center in 1979 (performing in theaters and festivals), MARKASATA in 1981 (performing in cafés with live music and theaters), and finally, he toured the world several times with the band RUMILLAJTA. He’s been playing with LLAPAKU since 2001. He also plays with the French group EL Y SUS COMPADRES, a music band mixing folk and Andean rhythms. He is the sound engineer of the band.

Abel Caceres

photo abel caceresAbel Caceres is very young when he starts his artistic career with MASAPAQUI from 1993 to 1996 (including several participations to the Calixtino Bolivian Song Festival of La Paz), with MARKAWI in 1995 (he worked in several peñas of La Paz), with YANAPTASINANI in 1997 (performing in cultural events of El Alto), and finally with ALMA CRIOLLA from 1997 to 1999 (working in several peñas of La Paz). He joined the band LLAPAKU in 2000, and decided to live in France until 2007. He then went back to Bolivia, recording a CD with KOLLAMARKA, and returned to France in 2009, and has helped spread Bolivians culture and music since then with LLAPAKU.

Cristian Tintaya

photo cristian tintayaThe youngest of the band, Cristian is a flutist, and has been playing the Andean flutes since he was 12 years old. He belongs to the new generation of musicians who use the chromatic scale and new technics of blowing and mouthpieces. He participated in the latest recording of LLAPAKU in September 1995; he also recorded CDs with Armando Torrez in June 1996, Miguel Angel Puña in October 1996 and Margot Tovar in January 2000. He’s been a member of LLAPAKU since June 1998. Over the past few years, he’s improved his knowledge and practice in autochthonous music. In November 2006, he was invited by the RUPHAY in Switzerland, and he participated in the recording of their 2008 CD, going along with them on their Bolivian tour. He also has precious knowledge in sound engineering.




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