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German Tintaya

8 rue Raoul Ponchon

35000 Rennes - France

Tél. 33 2 56 51 86 83

Por. 33 6 15 33 75 42

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LLAPAKU Association


Entertainment contractor's license n°2 -1024255

Administrator : German Tintaya

corporate headquarters: 2,rue de Bourgogne 35000 Rennes-France



This association aims at the creation, the broadcasting and the selling of traditional dancing and musical shows from all over the world. It also aims at the discovering and the promotion of native cultures through music, litterature, audiovisual and art.

LLAPAKU elaborate contracts, employment statements and wages bulletin for the Bolivian group 's musician called Llapaku, Trio Sol Andino, Ballet Bolivia sin Fronteras.


Type: Andean music

The Band is composed of 5 musicians: guitar, charango,bandolin, sikus, quenas, drum and voice.

Stages references: The Latin America 's festival at Cap Vern, summer festival in Nantes 'Les sentiers américains', the world wide festival of Folklore in Plozevet, Douarnenez 's Festival, Festival of Rouergue, Tarascon's Latin-american festival, the festival « voix des pays de Fougères » etc,,

Discography: 6 disc compact and 1 live dvd all self-producted.


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tissu andin


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  Trio Sol Andino

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