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The 2011 concerts

The Llapaku shows in 2011 (the numbers between brackets correspond to the “départements” in France)



25th: Live music at the Bellevue Junior High in Redon, France (35)


18th: Concert at La ferme de la Harpe, Rennes, France (35)

26th: second festival “Music of the Andes meeting” in Rennes at the Maison de quartier de Villejean, France (35)


28th: second festival “Music of the Andes meeting” in Nantes at Basse-Goulaine, France


4th: Live music for a private party in Le Mans, France (72)

10th: Live music for the neighborhood party in Maurepas, Rennes, France (35)

17th: Live music in Montélimar, France (26)

22nd: Live music in a retirement house in Theix, and MIR Rennes, France (56-35)


9th and 10th: music of the Andes course in Chasseneuil du Poitou, France (86)

19th: Live music in Hirel, France (35)

23rd: Live music in Telgruc sur Mer, France (29)


9th: Live music in Hirel, France (35)

25th: Concert during the “La medina Festival” in Tunisia


16th to 26th: Music and Dance show on stage and in the streets in St Etienne, France (42)


28th: animation musicale fête privé à Lehon (22100).


Le 25 animation musicale au Restaurant La premier Liga à Nantes (44000), le soir

27th: Live music for the Christmas Market of Hirel, France (35)


Le 2 animation musicale au Restaurant L'Aquarius à La Meilleraye de Bretagne(44520), le soir

10th: second festival “Music of the Andes meeting” in Saint André des Eaux, France (44)


For more details and information, please call 06-15-33-75-42


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