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The 2010 concerts

The Llapaku shows in 2010 (the numbers between brackets correspond to the “départements” in France)


12th: Live music for the open house at La Salle High School in Rennes, France (35)

photo llapaku lycee la salle rennes


1st: Live music for a private party in Ste Anne d’Auray, France (56)

17th: Live music in Cesson Sévigné, France (35)

19th: Live music in Rennes, France (35)

27th: Live music during a medical conference in Avranche, France (30)

29th: Live music during a block party in La Binquenais, Rennes, France (35)


9th: Live music in Villejean, Rennes, France (35)

20th: Live music for the “Sun festival” in Beauregard, Rennes, France (35)

llapaku trio fete du soleil beauregard juin 2010


3rd: Concert for the “World Folklore Festival” in St Malo, France (35)

llapaku festival a Saint Malo juillet 2010

10th: Live music for a private party in St M’Hervé, France (35)


1st: Live music during the fleamarket in Courtomer, France (61)

7th: Live music during the National Bolivian Day party in Paris, France (75)

llapaku fete de la Bolivie aout 2010

8th: Concert for the “Crab Festival” in Plouarzel, France (29)

Llapaku à Plouarzhel aout 2010

21st-22nd: Live music for the Solidarity festival in Treffieux, France (44)

Llapaku à Treffieux aout 2010

28th: Live music for a private party in Noyal Châtillon sur Seiche, France (35)


4th: Live music for a private party in Bono, France (56)

Nestor German Abel à Bono 2010


21st: Live music in Rennes and Bain de Bretagne for LOBODIS and Fair Trade, France (35)

Llapaku à Ouest France le 21 octobre 2010


5th: Live music for a private party in Lehon, France (22)

8th: Private concert at the FIAP in Paris, France (75)

13th: Concert during the “Musiques en Hericourt” festival in Hericourt, France (70)

Cristian Tintaya Abel Caceres et Nestor Tintaya à Herocourt 2010

14th: Concert at the Intercultural art and music House in Paris, France (75)

Llapaku à la Mai Paris nov 2010

20th: Live music in the streets of Beauregard, Rennes (35) during the Solidarity Week, organized by the International House of Rennes.

Llapaku à Beauregard Rennes nov 2010


13th: Live music at St Joseph junior high in Janzé, France (35)

llapaku college st joseph à janze


For more details, please call 06-15-33-75-42

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